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In accordance with European Regulations: DIRECTIVE 2009/24/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of April 23, 2009 on the legal protection of computer programs.

The resale was approved by jurisprudence in interpretation of this European directive.

The case law is: Court of Justice of the European Union PRESS RELEASE No 94/12

Luxembourg, 3 July 2012 Judgment in Case C-128/11 offers resale licenses as well as volume licenses at a reduced price in accordance with directive 2009/24/EC of the European Parliament.


The Staff in Store offers the return of licenses already generated and purchased in case of customer error in acquiring the license, in which case the license would be changed or a virtual bonus for the value of said license would be given. or you are offered a refund of the purchase amount

WARRANTY: guarantees the operation of the licenses permanently or within the specified time, is responsible for the correct operation of each license, offering remote support and replacement if necessary. is not responsible for system errors or failures unrelated to the licenses sold. Support is only provided for the correct installation and activation of licenses.


Delivery times are between 10 seconds and a maximum of 1 minute, however, reserves the right to deliver the license up to a maximum of 2 minutes.